Sep 20, 2008: New patch available!
If you already used the old patch, please restore NS2 before applying the new one.


Get NS2 sources and unzip them

wget http://garr.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/nsnam/ns-allinone-2.32.tar.gz
tar zxf ns-allinone-2.32.tar.gz
cd ns-allinone-2.32/

Get DAMA patch

wget ns-2.32_dama_V1.2.patch
(if you experience problems in downloading the patch, please get the txt version and rename it: dama_V1.2_patch.txt )
patch -p0 < ns-2.32_dama_V1.2.patch
Compile (with Ubuntu in might be necessary to install x11 devel: sudo apt-get install libxmu-dev):
When install process is over, set environment variables as suggested.

Run the reference script

wget dama_test_script.tcl
ns dama_test_script.tcl


Script output generated is slot.csv, containing variations of slots assigned to 2 terminals in RBDC for 1 TCP transfer per terminal on the return link.

Maximum available slots is 32.

The file can be plot with MS Excel using dispersion graph or gnuplot, grace etc. (first column is simulation time).
Example in Excel

Last update Oct 28, 2008