Inizio Gennaio 2010. Progetto finanziato dall’ Agenzia Spazieale Europea (ESA/ESTEC) riguardante la gestione a livello applicativo della qualità e della condivisione della connettività satellitare. Ulteriori dettagli nella pagina in inglese.

The Satellite Enhanced Network System for flexiBLE bandwidth management (Sensible) project will start on January 2010 and would supply the SATCOM market with a service capable to distribute dynamically the bandwidth and managing the quality of service for a set of users within the same administrative domain, to which a fixed amount of bandwidth is assigned from the satellite operator. It is a funded project by the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC).

The proposed product will be of particular interest for maritime companies, corporate with multiple offices (banks, post offices), tourist locations, etc, that aim to provide for example ‘triple play’ services. In practice, the company can negotiate with the service provider the availability of a certain bandwidth on a permanent basis. Each unit in the group may utilize as much bandwidth as needed according to its current needs with the best-effort quality level, while the QoS management is guaranteed only for a percentage which is determined by the company. This will produce a more efficient use of satellite bandwidth resources for the provider and access to broadband services offered to lower costs for users.

In general, the identified customers that could benefits from this system are all those belonging to administrative domains which characterized by needs of heterogeneous data traffic variable for a single component but with constant envelope for the whole administrative domain. That is:

  • Business customers:
    • Ship Owners;
    • Corporate or Government with digital divided branches offices;
    • Corporate or Government that use multi-site satellite connection for disaster recovery purpose;
  • Private users digital divided

Partners: ITS S.p.A.EgiconCRESM/Tor VergataGNV